Obama-backed Egypt Forging “One Nation” With Sudan Terror Regime

By:  Alex Newman
Obama-backed Egypt Forging “One Nation” With Sudan Terror Regime

In a visit to Sudan last week, Egypt’s Obama-backed Muslim regime of Mohammed Morsi said it was pursuing "integration" with the dictatorship ruling Sudan.

During an official visit to the Sudanese capital of Khartoum last week, the Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood regime of Mohammed Morsi (shown on left) in Egypt announced that it was pursuing so-called “integration” with the mass-murdering dictatorship ruling over Sudan. The authoritarian-minded rulers even claimed to be “one nation.” The surprise announcement came after the Libyan regime — installed by Western forces and foreign-funded Islamist fighters amid a brutal United Nations-approved warunveiled similar “integration” plans with the infamous Sudanese tyrant in late 2011.

Genocidal Sudanese “President” Omar Bashir (shown on right), a military dictator whose autocracy has been designated a state sponsor of terrorism by the U.S. government for two decades, celebrated the increasingly friendly relationship between his regime and others in the region. Media outlets in Sudan reported that the war criminal ruling the nation announced that he was working with the Egyptian regime in “removing all the obstacles and clearing the borders to ease the movements of the citizens and commodities.”

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, meanwhile, said that Egypt and Sudan “are one nation, share one Nile River, one sense of purpose, and one leadership with the same goals,” reported the U.S. government-funded Voice of America. Morsi also said his Islamist regime wants the “Nile Axis of world development,” which apparently includes Arabs, Islam, and Africa, to be a “source of rebirth.” However, he also claimed that the new alliance was not aimed against anyone. 

"We in Egypt and Sudan are integrated, and you will find enemies for this integration," Morsi told thousands of people during a joint summit with Bashir at the Al-Nour mosque in Khartoum, though he did not specify who or what “enemies” he had in mind. "This cooperation is not against anyone," the relatively new Egyptian ruler added, saying the two regimes "don't seek a war or aggression" against others.

The latest news about Morsi’s dealings with his genocidal counterpart in Sudan follows a recent outcry in the United States about the Obama administration’s decision to send billions in aid, as well as advanced military weaponry such as tanks and fighter jets, to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood regime. U.S. lawmakers and critics around the world expressed alarm that American taxpayers would be financing a radical Islamist-socialist regime notorious for human rights abuses and open hostility toward the West, Israel, individual liberty, the Coptic Christian minority, and more.

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Photo of Mohammed Morsi and Omar Bashir: AP Images

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