Putin Paints Russia as Defender of Traditional Values, Blasts West

By:  Alex Newman
Putin Paints Russia as Defender of Traditional Values, Blasts West

As the Obama administration and other governments ruling Western nations increasingly seek to radically transform society and its values using social engineering and Big Government, former KGB operative Vladimir Putin is ludicrously trying to portray himself and the Russia he rules as the final bastion and defender of traditional morality. 

In his “state of the nation” speech last week, the Russian president even styled his regime the last bulwark standing firm against an onslaught of moral corruption and the decay of civilization. His words, however, rang hollow to analysts who study the global establishment, the real Russia, and its corrupt rulers.

“In many countries today, moral and ethical norms are being reconsidered; national traditions, differences in nation and culture are being erased,” Putin said during his speech at the Kremlin in front of politicians and other establishment Russians, echoing widespread concerns increasingly being heard across the globe. “They're now requiring not only the proper acknowledgement of freedom of conscience, political views and private life, but also the mandatory acknowledgement of the equality of good and evil, which are inherently contradictory concepts.”

Indirectly touting Russia’s new ban on homosexual propaganda directed at children, Putin subtly slammed the Western world’s increasing zealotry for what he purports to view as moral corruption. Russia, the president added, would defend traditional values against what Putin called “genderless and fruitless [or barren] so-called tolerance.” The former KGB bigwig also celebrated Russia’s recently adopted “blasphemy” law, which provides jail sentences to perpetrators who intentionally and publicly engage in “offending religious feelings.” Even stiffer penalties are mandated for those who desecrate religious sites such as churches.

According to Putin, and indeed, many analysts who loathe his regime, the “destruction of traditional values from the top” happening around the globe right now is “inherently undemocratic because it is based on abstract ideas and runs counter to the will of the majority of people.” It also brings about “negative consequences,” he said. “We know that more and more people in the world support our position on protection of traditional values,” he added, presumably referring to recent legislation such as the ban on homosexual propaganda to minors and a prohibition on advertising for abortion, which remains extremely widespread in Russia despite Putin’s “morality” posturing.

In terms of forcing alien types of government on foreign nations by force of arms, the Russian strongman lambasted “attempts to enforce allegedly more progressive development models” on countries around the world — presumably a thinly veiled attack on the U.S. government’s unconstitutional “nation-building” machinations around the world. The end result of the lawless plots, Putin said, has been “decline, barbarity and great blood” across the Middle East and Africa. He never mentioned Russian authorities’ well-documented role in the ongoing global upheavals.

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Photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin: AP Images

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