San Antonio's “Non-Bias” Ordinance Is Pro-Gay, Anti-Christian, Charge Opponents

By:  Dave Bohon
San Antonio's “Non-Bias” Ordinance Is Pro-Gay, Anti-Christian, Charge Opponents

San Antonio has become the latest U.S. city to pass an ordinance giving special protections to gays and lesbians while discriminating against Christians and others who resist the sanctioning of homosexual behavior.

Following a months-long campaign by homosexual activist groups determined to force their LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) agenda on a largely conservative Catholic community, on September 5 San Antonio's City Council voted 8-3 to pass a “non-bias” ordinance that adds sexual orientation and “gender identity” to race, religion, age, and disability as classes which are protected against discrimination in San Antonio. In addition to impacting city contracts, housing, and local government, the new ordinance will prohibit business owners from declining to do business with homosexuals or cross-dressing individuals — even because of moral or religious convictions.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who had pushed aggressively for the law, called it a “common-sense ordinance that's going to treat everyone equally. Nobody will be a second-class citizen in San Antonio. Here, there will be basic fairness and common decency for everybody.”

But Christian and conservative leaders in the city and throughout the state warned of the consequences of giving special treatment to a group of individuals based on behavior a majority of the community's residents consider morally wrong. Days before passage of the ordinance a group of local African-American pastors showed up at city hall with hundreds of black and Latino Christians to voice their strong disapproval of the proposed measure. Speaking for the group, local pastor Charles Flowers said that he and other minority Christian leaders opposed the ordinance “because it is based on the notion that those who choose to practice a certain lifestyle cannot change. Yet the preponderance of evidence refutes this.”

Flowers also took issue with comparison of the efforts to normalize homosexual behavior with the historic struggle for civil rights for blacks in America. “The HLGC — homosexual, lesbian and gender-confused community — has sought to piggyback on the civil rights movement,” Flowers noted. “The current HLGC agenda is not a legitimate extension of the civil rights movement. Therefore, we have come to announce a divorce between the civil rights movement and the HLGC agenda, citing irreconcilable differences.”

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Photo shows supporters celebrating the passage of San Antonio's “Non-Bias” Ordinance: AP Images

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