“Science Guy” Bill Nye Mixes Up North/South Poles in Climate Debate

By:  William F. Jasper
“Science Guy” Bill Nye Mixes Up North/South Poles in Climate Debate

The so-called “Science Guy” and celebrity global warming alarmist Bill Nye presents many erroneous “facts” in his climate change arguments.

Bill Nye, the actor/comedian/educator who gained fame in the 1990s for his Bill Nye the Science Guy program on PBS, apparently doesn’t know the difference between the Arctic and Antarctic regions of the globe. At least that’s the way it looks from his recent “debate” appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, where he urgently lectured Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and viewers on the supposed need to “do everything” and do it now to stop catastrophic climate change. At the 8:26 minute mark in the program, Nye rhetorically asked Blackburn if they could at least agree on the “facts.” He then held up a graphic purporting to be a satellite image of Antarctica and asked: “Would you say the Antarctic has less ice than it used to?”

This was a big flub for Nye on several counts. First of all, the image he held up was of the Arctic, not Antarctica. Not exactly an inconsequential detail, especially for an alleged “expert.” But maybe he simply grabbed the wrong graphic in the heat of argument and didn’t notice, so maybe we shouldn’t make too much of that, right? OK, let’s magnanimously grant that point and let the mistake slide, though it is difficult to imagine that if the tables were turned and a climate skeptic had made such an embarrassing faux pas on national television that it wouldn’t have been turned into a definitive “gotcha” moment to forever disqualify him or her as a credible witness on climate issues. However, the only media mention that we are aware of concerning Nye’s misstep came on the NoTrickZone website of the ever-perceptive Pierre Gosselin, an American engineer and climate blogger who lives in Europe.

More importantly, Nye apparently is unaware of (or chooses to ignore) the fact that the “disappearing ice” scare is yet another of the spectacular false crises that is being acknowledged as such even by many of the alarmists who used to cite it as evidence to bolster their case. However, die-hard alarmists continue to flog that horse. For years, Al Gore repeatedly, hysterically predicted that the Arctic would be ice-free by 2013. Other notable warmists echoed his apocalyptic monitories, and the MSM fright-mongers multiplied the exaggerated fears. Al Gore and company will not relent on the issue, but scientific reports on the current status of global ice cover, as well as the historic frigid temperatures throughout much of the world this winter, have demonstrated once again how ridiculous these fears have been. As Alex Newman reported in The New American this past December 18: 

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Photo: Screengrab of Bill Nye during his appearance on NBC's Meet the Press

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