South Carolina ObamaCare Nullification Bill Being Held Up in Committee

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
South Carolina ObamaCare Nullification Bill Being Held Up in Committee

A bill nullifying ObamaCare in South Carolina is being held up in the state Senate Finance Committee by the chairman.

Since May 2, the bill prohibiting South Carolina’s participation in ObamaCare has been held up in the state Senate Finance Committee.

Seems constitutionalists in the Palmetto State aren’t content to sit idly by while the legislation is held up by a powerful state lawmaker.

In an interview with The New American, one of the leaders of the effort to pass a bill in South Carolina to nullify the president’s healthcare behemoth announced that groups of grassroots activists will demonstrate Friday (May 17) at the workplace of the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee — State Senator Hugh Leatherman. The same group plans to hand out pamphlets exposing the dangers of ObamaCare in Senator Leatherman’s neighborhood on Saturday.

The people are fired up, but so are many of Leatherman’s colleagues who have worked hard to get the bill passed through the state House of Representatives.

Tom Davis is such a senator. Davis, who cosponsors a bill criminalizing participation in the indefinite detention of citizens under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), posted a message on his Facebook page announcing that “heads will roll” if the state senate fails to pass the ObamaCare nullification bill already passed by the state House of Representatives.

Davis doesn't identify the owners of those possibly ill-fated noggins. 

On May 1, by a vote of 65-39, the South Carolina state House of Representatives passed HB 3101. The bill prohibits state officers and agents from carrying out the myriad mandates contained in President Obama’s medical care morass.

Although passage of the bill by the state House is praiseworthy and a positive move toward resisting the tyranny of the federal government, the bill as passed is markedly weaker than the bill as originally drafted.

For example, while the original bill was an outright nullification of ObamaCare, imposing criminal penalties on anyone who attempted to enforce its provisions within the sovereign borders of South Carolina, the bill as passed by the House voids only those parts of the ObamaCare act that the state deems “unconstitutional.”

Furthermore, rather than allowing state officials to hold anyone — including federal agents — accountable for participating in the application of the ObamaCare mandates to citizens of South Carolina, in its present form, the prohibitions apply only to state employees.

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Photo is of South Carolina Senate Chamber

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