UN Human Rights Council: Is Washington "Redskins" Appropriate?

By:  Alex Newman
UN Human Rights Council: Is Washington "Redskins" Appropriate?

The UN “Human Rights” Council is considering whether the name “Washington Redskins” is appropriate for an American NFL football team.

After installing the brutal communist and Islamist dictatorships ruling over mainland China, Cuba, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and Algeria on the United Nations “Human Rights Council” in November, it would take some serious effort for the controversial UN outfit to become more discredited in the public mind. This month, however, it appears to have succeeded in doing just that, with the planetary rights entity facing intense ridicule from across the United States.

Descending further into the realm of full-blown global laughingstock, the dictator-dominated UN “Human Rights” Council waded last month into perhaps one of the most serious global issues of the age — whether the name “Washington Redskins” is appropriate for an American NFL football team. According to news reports, the international outfit even dispatched one of its top “human rights” bureaucrats to investigate the supposed “human rights” violation.

The UN is apparently taking the issue quite seriously, too, albeit for reasons that remain unclear. “This particular case could be of interest to a number of UN human rights mechanisms,” a spokesperson for the despot-run Human Rights Council was quoted as saying by USA Today without elaborating. Among Native Americans, surveys show that the case is not of interest, with 90 percent of Indians polled saying the name does not bother them, and just nine percent saying it is offensive.

The New York-area Oneida Indian Nation and the UN, though, see it as a major issue. “Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Šimonovic expressed his commitment to continue a dialogue on this issue and to identity additional avenues within the United Nations human rights system to further investigate this issue,” explained a statement by Ray Halbritter, a representative for the Oneida Indian Nation. What sort of “avenues” in the UN system he was referring to were not specified.

Halbritter also said he was “humbled and heartened” by the opportunity to have the UN address “the important moral, human, and civil-rights issues raised by the Washington NFL team’s continued use of the R-word racial slur.” It was not immediately clear when use of the word “Redskins” allegedly became an important “moral, human, and civil-rights” issue.

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