Obama's Health Care Plan: Bad Medicine for the Country

Written by Ann Shibler on March 04 2010.

Congressional Republicans are not going to sit idly by while all of this legislative maneuvering happens. They plan to use everything at their disposal to delay and possibly torpedo the Democrats' legislative strategy.

The New York Times reports that although no official cost analysis has been completed on Obama’s proposal, the White House admits that the plan would cost about $950 billion over 10 years, which is more than the Senate version, but less than the House’s. The plan would extend coverage to more than 31 million Americans by 2019. And the excise tax to pay for this latest unconstitutional health care budget buster would be delayed for insurers and employers until 2018.

Obama’s plan would actually expand the role of federal regulators, czars and overseers, in order to review premium increases in individual states. Mr. Obama would “call on the federal secretary of health and human services to work with state regulators to review premium increases,” while “superseding the authority of state regulators only if they refused to act in the face of excessive rate hikes.”

Language pertaining to abortion coverage in the Senate version remains as government officials “believe they cannot make changes to the Senate language on abortion” when using budget reconciliation. One interpretation of the provision is that insurance plans that cover abortions are eligible to receive federal subsidies, while another interpretation suggests that the bill would establish a separate premium to segregate funds used to pay for abortions, but just how this is done and how it keeps the taxpayers’ money from paying for abortions is not exactly clear.

The bottom line is that congressional passage of President Obama's Health Care Plan would amount to an unconstitutional, government takeover of one-sixth of our nation's economy. With sufficient public outcry from the grassroots this freedom-destroying health care plan can still be stopped.

Email your senators and representative in strong opposition to the President's Health Care Plan. Follow up with personal visits, phone calls, and faxes, and let them know you are opposed to an immediate or eventual government takeover of this country’s health care system.

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