2016 Race for the White House: Back to the Future

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
2016 Race for the White House: Back to the Future

A prominent Republican with presidential aspirations is questioning the leadership qualifications of a Clinton because of an affair with Monica Lewinsky, while others in the GOP are talking impeachment.

1998? No, 2014.

In an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press on January 26, Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky recalled former President Bill Clinton’s sexual relationship with Lewinski, insisting that the affair calls into question the judgment of both Clintons: Bill and Hillary.

"One of the workplace laws and rules that I think are good is that bosses shouldn't prey on young interns in their office," Paul said. "And I think really the media seems to have given President Clinton a pass on this. He took advantage of a girl that was 20 years old and an intern in his office. There is no excuse for that, and it is predatory behavior.”

There’s no arguing that if a CEO of a large corporation were to have an adulterous affair with an intern barely past her teenage years and then lie about it and spend millions of other people’s money to cover it up, the media would persecute him and add the “predator” label to the talking points.

Next, turning his sights on Hillary specifically, the potential presidential candidate asked rhetorically, “And then they have the gall to stand up and say Republicans are having a war on women? So yes," continued Paul, "I think it's a factor. It's not Hillary's fault, but it is a factor in judging Bill Clinton and history.”

With this kind of talk, it seems likely that the 2016 run for the White House will see hours of earned media spent rehashing the propriety of a powerful man taking sexual advantage of a young female employee and then having his wife “stand by her man.” While this might be hard for all of us to endure, it’s going to be especially hard on Hillary to reconcile her role in "exposing" the “war on women” with her role in protecting a husband who exposed himself to a young woman at work.

Impeachment of a Democrat President

On December 19, 1998, the House of Representatives impeached Bill Clinton on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. Two other charges — a second one of perjury and one for abuse of power — were laid against Clinton, but were not approved by the House. About two months later, Clinton was acquitted by the Senate.

Today, there are no salacious sex scandals to give the proposed impeachment charges against Barack Obama the sort of sexiness that would attract the attention of the mainstream media. This time, members of the House of Representatives are basing their charges solely on the many abuses of power perpetrated by the president.

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Photo of Hillary Clinton: AP Images

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