Abortionist’s House of Horrors: Gosnell’s Unindicted Media Accomplices

By:  William F. Jasper
Abortionist’s House of Horrors: Gosnell’s Unindicted Media Accomplices

The corporate press, the networks, and mainstream pundits share blame in abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s unspeakable crimes for their ongoing censorship of this horrendous story.

After coming under sustained, concerted attack from conservative and pro-life forces over the past few weeks, the so-called mainstream media have grudgingly half-covered the sensational multiple-murder trial of the notorious Philadelphia abortionist, Kermit Gosnell. Many MSM writers, editors, and commentators are conjuring up ridiculous explanations to justify being AWOL on this important story, but a few liberal-left journalists have admitted that this is a case where their fellow “progressives” in the media have allowed their overwhelming “pro-choice” bias to run rampant, to the point of engaging in willful, blatant censorship.

Kermit Gosnell has killed many more children than Adam Lanza, the accused gunman in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. “Doctor” Gosnell cold-bloodedly murdered hundreds of children in especially gruesome ways — and even joked about it. His total death toll over the past four decades includes thousands of babies, most of whom were black, Hispanic, or Asian. Just about everyone has heard of Adam Lanza, although very little factual data is actually known about the troubled youth. Dr. Gosnell, on the other hand, carried out his decades-long murder spree under the protection of pro-abortion politicians and media organizations that were intentionally blind to his activities — until his crimes became so obvious and publicly offensive that they were forced to disassociate themselves from him by portraying his as an outlier who is unrepresentative of the abortion industry.

On March 18 the Philadelphia abortionist went on trial for the murder of seven babies who were born alive, but whom he then killed by “snipping” their spines. He was also charged in the death of one of the mothers on whom he had performed an abortion.

Gosnell — Given Immunity to Act With Impunity

The county grand jury report on Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” and the testimony heard at trial show a butcher who was able to act with impunity decade after decade while carrying out unspeakable crimes. Why was Gosnell able to get away with his abominable activity for so long?  He was able to act with impunity because he was given immunity by his pro-abortion allies in the media and in government, the very people charged with protecting the public from monsters such as Gosnell. And this de facto immunity has been reinforced by the almost complete MSM blackout — until recently — of the Gosnell trial.

Professor Admits: “Those of us on the Left have made a decision not to cover this trial”

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