America Rejects Rule by Decree as Critics Lambaste Obama Speech

By:  Alex Newman
America Rejects Rule by Decree as Critics Lambaste Obama Speech

Americans overwhelmingly rejected bizarre threats from an increasingly unpopular Obama to rule by decree, surveys showed after his State of the Union speech.

Americans overwhelmingly rejected bizarre threats from an increasingly unpopular Obama to rule by decree, surveys revealed after his State of the Union speech. Despite trying to artificially divide America into different collectivist classes in need of his supposedly benevolent protection and assistance — an age-old ploy used by statists sometimes referred to as “divide and conquer” — women, black leaders, Hispanic activists, small-business owners, and other members of collectivist categories rejected the narrative, too.

Instead, Americans at large and leaders among Obama’s victim castes broadly lambasted the draconian and divisive schemes outlined in the president’s speech. Many called for the administration to be restrained and reined in before it unleashes even more economic damage on the nation. The real solutions to the problems plaguing America are respect for the Constitution and individual liberty, not class warfare and lawless government, critics said.

More than a few analysts and experts also noted that Obama’s unconstitutional agenda — much of which he promised to foist on America by executive decree — would cause major harm to the very same supposed victim groups defined by the president. Virtually every credible economist knows that raising the minimum wage, for example, would further reduce employment opportunities and result in far fewer jobs available to the poor.

Schemes to federally mandate “pay equality” between men and women will also be harmful, women’s groups and female leaders explained — and not just because the premise and statistics Obama touted are incorrect to begin with. Small business owners, meanwhile, despite Obama’s claims, are demanding less government intervention in the economy and their lives, not more. Some military leaders also blasted the president for using a wounded veteran as a “prop” to advance his agenda.

The general public was not impressed with Obama’s outline of assaults on liberty and the Constitution either. In fact, polls showed that the overwhelming majority of Americans oppose the president’s machinations to bypass Congress and impose his will by “executive action.” Rasmussen, for instance, found that some 70 percent of likely voters think it is better for Obama to work with lawmakers on issues he considers important. More Americans than not think Congress more closely represents the will of the American people than the president, too, the Rasmussen survey found.

Just 21 percent of respondents in the post-State of the Union poll believed the federal government still has the consent of the governed, echoing other recent surveys showing that more than two thirds of Americans now consider the federal government to be “out of control” and a threat to basic liberties. A separate CNN poll of people who watched Obama’s speech, meanwhile, also found that two thirds opposed allowing him to advance his controversial agenda by executive decree.

Even the largely pro-Obama establishment media called out some of the lies and untruths told by Obama during his speech. made a mockery of multiple bogus presidential claims, saying it found “overstatements and cherry-picked numbers among the applause lines and proposals in President Obama’s State of the Union address.” Some of the claims were so outrageous — the debate on increasingly discredited global-warming theories is “settled,” for example — that they have been ridiculed around the world.

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