American Education Nears Its Collectivist Goal

By:  Alan Scholl
American Education Nears Its Collectivist Goal

“Common Core” standards will not solve the nation's public education ills for the simple reason that the problem is the system itself, not the measurement of outcomes.

We hear so much these days about “establishing a standard” for education. The way to improve the schools, the educrats tell us, is through programs like “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) and now “Common Core.”

Parents need to realize that such programs do not provide a cure for the ills of American education. The problem goes far deeper and further back than most parents realize. The problem is the system, not the measurement of outcomes.

NCLB and Common Core are just “closure” methodologies for a long, steady erosion of the role and rights of parents. Millions of us discovered this decades ago. My wife and I began homeschooling nearly 30 years ago, after we spent countless hours investigating our own local schools, as our children reached school age. Most parents simply put the kids on that big yellow bus, trusting government to “do the right thing.”

How is that working out for us these days? Personally, after realizing the lies I’d been force-fed, I describe myself these days as a “recovering” public school student.

One basic principle we all missed is the separation of education and state. Please show me where the U.S. Constitution allows the federal government, or a “coalition of states,” to govern education. Our forefathers would be appalled at that concept.

Make no mistake. Common Core is a national program. It consists of nearly identical cookie-cutter sets of “standards” handed out by the educational establishment itself to each state governor and legislature. The standards will eventually become the domain of federal government agencies, and the SAT, ACT, and all similar college entrance exams and measurements will be “normalized” to the Common Core standards, circumventing state control and establishing a national progtram. This is inevitable. Why?

The Common Core program will follow federal guidelines because of federal funding. Millions of dollars have already been awarded ahead of the program's implementation, before the standards even existed. More money is being promised. This is the “bait,” which is being used to snare state governors and legislatures into collusion with the Feds.

The standard for education used to be literacy — competence in math, English, geography, history, civics, and other factual knowledge. We didn’t need a test or a battery of tests to prove the result. Americans excelled in nearly everything when parents taught — or directed and chose the education — of their children.

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