Article V Promoter Praises Democratic Leadership in Movement

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Article V Promoter Praises Democratic Leadership in Movement

Constitutional convention advocate Mark Meckler praised the participation of Democrats and others in the movement.

How would conservatives — good-hearted, well-meaning, Constitution-loving conservatives who have been persuaded to join the Article V con-con camp — react if they knew that some of the leaders of that very movement were not only accepting the participation of liberals in the planning, but praising their contribution?

I suppose we’ll find out soon enough, as soon as Mark Meckler’s latest article begins being bounced around the Twittersphere and Facebook.

From the headline to the final full paragraph of a piece published June 18 at Breitbart, Meckler (shown) makes sure his leftist cohorts get their props.

As if to assuage the often delicate feelings of the substantial Leftist bloc in the “convention of states” coalition, Meckler takes time to highlight the “bipartisan” makeup of the committee tasked with crafting rules for the “inevitable” Article V convention.

Speaking of a recent meeting of pro-constitutional convention state legislators held in Indianapolis, Meckler writes:

On the Assembly’s second day, delegates elected committee chairs and co-chairs for three committees: Rules and Procedures, Judiciary, and Planning, Communication and Finance. Importantly, the working committees of the Assembly of State Legislatures have bipartisan leadership — with a Democrat and Republican legislator serving as co-chairs for each. 

Of course, for readers of The New American, this unholy alliance of Republicans, Democrats, and outright socialist reformers is not news.

This reporter first broke the story of the participation of prominent progressive organizations in the Article V movement. In a more recent article, The New American devoted a cover story to the union of Right and Left in the race to rewrite the Constitution. In this comprehensive review of the bipartisan push for a constitutional convention, Christian Gomez highlights the cooperation between Meckler and former Obama 2008 campaign advisor and current Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig. Gomez reports:

As recently as March 21, 2014, both Lessig and Meckler spoke at the same event, this time at the Citizen University’s (motto: “Let’s Do Democracy”) Annual National Conference in Seattle; Lessig’s topic was “How to Start a Rebellion,” featuring “bottom up change and passionate cross-partisan political rejuvenation.” Lessig’s connection with CFA and Mark Meckler is not so much an endorsement for a BBA or limited government as it is an opportunity for Lessig to work alongside conservatives toward the common goal of a constitutional convention. The Right is being used to help facilitate the aspiration of Lessig and others for a convention to make far-reaching changes to the Constitution.

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Photo of Mark Meckler: AP Photos

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