As Common Core Becomes Punchline, Critics Winning Battles

By:  Alex Newman
As Common Core Becomes Punchline, Critics Winning Battles

Despite billions of dollars spent to prop up the Obama administration-pushed national education standards known as Common Core with deceptive propaganda, the scheme is quickly becoming a punchline and a toxic liability for politicians.

Critics are scoring victories from sea to shining sea. Indeed, virtually every state government that accepted bribes from Washington, D.C., to impose the controversial plot is now battling a fast-growing grassroots army of parents and teachers that transcends traditional partisan divides and may ultimately crush the education establishment entirely.

Pro-Common Core deception funded by Big Business, Big Government, and special interests, meanwhile, is quickly crumbling in the face of facts and reality. Parents are in open revolt. Teachers and unions are defecting, too. This week, American Federation of Teachers boss Randi Weingarten even warned in an interview with the online Salon outlet that Common Core “may actually fail” due to the public backlash and an implementation that has been even more botched than the ObamaCare healthcare takeover.

Parents nationwide are now refusing to let their children participate, preferring instead to “opt out” of the federally funded Common Core national testing regime that underpins the entire nationalization bid. At least 15 state governments so far, under immense public pressure, have already taken a step back. And analysts say this is likely just the beginning of the fight, with the tsunami of opposition threatening to end the political careers of Common Core defenders across the nation.

Opponents of the so-called ObamaCore regime, as the standards are becoming known, are increasingly hopeful that real education and local control will be restored by the time the dust settles — even if it takes years. However, at this point, many concerned Americans are now even looking beyond simply driving a stake through the controversial takeover and dumbing-down of K-12 schooling.

Ironically, perhaps, activists, teachers, and parents from across the political spectrum say the outrage surrounding Common Core, which has focused public attention on government schools like never before, could even lead to a real, positive transformation of education. With experts widely acknowledging the fact that government education has been going downhill for decades, Americans may soon be faced with an unprecedented opportunity to fundamentally reform and improve schooling at the state and local level. 

The first step in that battle, though, is to stop Common Core, activists say. Recent trends from across the country suggest that is already underway. Even some of the most ardent defenders of the K-12 nationalization plot in elected office are being forced to back away. With Common Core now becoming the subject of brutal ridicule on the national stage — comedian Stephen Colbert, for instance, made a mockery of the standards on national television last month — standing with the Obama administration on the issue is quickly becoming politically toxic.  

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