Bloomberg Kills Article Exposing Chinese Regime, Suspends Reporter

By:  Alex Newman
Bloomberg Kills Article Exposing Chinese Regime, Suspends Reporter

First, the controversial “media” outlet Bloomberg News, widely regarded by critics as a propaganda megaphone for the radical views of billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, reportedly censored one of its reporters by blocking publication of an article exposing cronyism and corruption among Communist China’s ruling class.

Insider sources quoted in news reports said the decision to kill the story was made for “political reasons” — namely, to appease Beijing. Then, last week, award-winning investigative journalist Michael Forsythe, based in Hong Kong, was finally suspended by Bloomberg’s media empire, shattering its credibility among analysts.

The explosive story that Bloomberg refused to run reportedly detailed the myriad hidden links between one of China’s wealthiest crony capitalists and the families of ruthless Communist Party autocrats, who rule the nation with terror and an iron fist. Less than a week after killing Forsythe’s investigative article, Bloomberg bosses also declared another major China story to be off-limits. The second blocked piece, the New York Times reported in a front-page story citing four unnamed Bloomberg employees, focused on the children of senior Communist Chinese tyrants employed by foreign banks.

While most of the public exposure surrounding the Bloomberg scandal has been based on anonymous sources so far, a clearer picture of what happened behind the scenes is slowly starting to emerge. According to media reports, Editor-in-chief Matthew Winkler announced the decision late last month on a conference call, comparing it to self-censorship by news agencies inside National Socialist (Nazi) Germany decades ago. “He said, ‘If we run the story, we’ll be kicked out of China,’ ” one of the Bloomberg employees with knowledge of the scandal was quoted as saying by the Times.

The brutal Communist Party-run regime in Beijing has already retaliated against foreign media organizations in the past, including Bloomberg News, in response to coverage that offended or exposed the autocrats. Of course, Chinese “journalists,” who often double as spies for the autocracy in addition to their regular role as propagandists, are already strictly controlled, too. As reported recently by William F. Jasper for The New American, China’s so-called “journalists” were recently ordered to take new propaganda training as the regime seeks to clamp down even harder on access to information.

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Photo of the Bloomberg LP Tower, which houses Bloomberg News: AP Images

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