Census Bureau Reports 62 Million More Takers Than Payers

By:  Bob Adelmann
Census Bureau Reports 62 Million More Takers Than Payers

The latest Current Population Survey, a joint venture between the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau, showed 148 million “benefit takers” compared to the benefit providers — workers in the private sector — who number 86 million.

That’s a ratio of more than 3:2, and an astonishing gap of 62 million, between the takers and the providers.

And according to Terence Jeffrey, the senior editor at CNSNews, it’s only going to get worse: “As more Baby Boomers retire and as ObamaCare comes fully online ... the number of takers will inevitably expand. Eventually there will be too few carrying too many, and America will break.”

Others have surveyed this demo-economic shift for years. In late 2009, the Tax Foundation analyzed the distribution of all taxes: who paid them and who received them. The study was completed before any of Obama’s various income redistribution schemes had been implemented and even then, it was unnerving:

The bottom 60 percent of American families will, as a group, receive more in government spending than they pay in taxes.

The lowest-income families will [receive] $10.44 in [benefits] for every dollar they pay in taxes. Families in the middle-come group ... already receive $1.15 for every dollar they pay in taxes.

This must be paid for by the so-called “wealthy” — those in the remaining 40 percent — who will, according the foundation, see an increase in their tax load by an astonishing $127,000 a year: "Obama’s policies will, as promised, increase the load on the wealthiest families by an average of more than $127,000 … while increasing the number of American families who are, on average, net receivers of [those dollars]."

According to the Heritage Foundation, its 2013 Index of Dependence on Government has increased by 17 percent just since 2009, and continues its seemingly inevitable upward — or downward — march. Since 1962, the first year the index was published, dependence upon government has increased 20 times. This, according to Heritage, threatens the American tradition of self-reliance:

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