Citing EU, Italy Orders Journalists to Promote Homosexual Agenda

By:  Alex Newman
Citing EU, Italy Orders Journalists to Promote Homosexual Agenda

Outrage is growing after authorities in Italy, citing European-level decrees, brazenly threatened journalists who refuse to promote the homosexual agenda, ordering reporters and the news media to submit to the radical new “gay mandates" or face serious sanctions — and possibly even jail time. 

The deeply controversial move has already sparked fierce opposition among lawmakers and religious organizations, leading at least one member of the Italian Parliament to lambaste the mandatory pro-LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) scheme as part of a new form of “dictatorship.” Fascism has been mentioned more than a few times by critics, too. The outcry continues to grow across Italy; though in the United States, it appears that only has reported on the controversy so far.

The official mandates for journalists came down in a document dubbed “Guidelines for Information Respectful of LGBT People.” Produced by the National Office for Racial Anti-Discrimination at Italy’s “Ministry of Equal Opportunities” in collaboration with homosexual lobbying groups, the so-called guidelines warn members of the news media that they must portray a false image of total societal acceptance for the homosexual agenda. Despite the nation’s relatively strong Catholic traditions, for example, the ongoing “LGBT” debate is supposed to be essentially banished from the press completely. Instead, the only views allowed will be those of what critics call the “international homosexual lobby.” Countless mandates and prohibitions are included in the scheme, even though Italy does not legally recognize any sort of homosexual relationship — not to mention gay marriage.

For journalists and media outlets that defy the radical decrees, the document warns that formal complaints can be filed with the Italian professional standards office. According to news reports, such referrals can result in major penalties, including job losses, under heavy-handed regulations and licensing schemes governing the industry. Even more alarming, according to analysts and critics of the measure, are warnings in the “guidelines” suggesting that when proposed “hate-speech” legislation eventually becomes law, jail sentences may be handed out to thought criminals who express themselves publicly. In some European countries, even pastors who criticize homosexual activity based on Scripture are jailed. The decrees for journalists also explicitly claim that homosexuality is not a sin, contradicting the teachings of the Bible and the Catholic Church, to which some 90 percent of Italians belong.

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