Citizens are Challenging Rules on American Flag Displays

By:  Raven Clabough
Citizens are Challenging Rules on American Flag Displays

Citizens across the country are fighting seemingly erroneous rules regarding their American flag displays, and some are refusing to give up.

Boston, Massachusetts, resident Mark DiGiovanni is refusing to remove the American flag hanging from his condominium window even though he will be fined $25 a day for breaking the management's “white curtains only” rule. 

The Boston Herald reports:

[DiGiovanni] told the Herald he used a provision in his condo deed to ask for an exception to the building’s white-curtains-only rule in May, but the board of trustees denied his request the same day. Now, the managers for the building at the intersection of Congress and A streets have given him until [Tuesday, August 28] to take it down, or be fined.

He refuses to remove his flag from the window, as he placed it there to honor his five uncles who served in World War II.

“There’s so much conflict and questions about the future of our country, I think it’s a good reminder for people to think about what it means,” said Mark DiGiovanni, 52. “Maybe they think it’s déclassé or tacky. I don’t know.”

Condo association trustee Sean McGrail asserts that the management company is merely responding to a complaint by one of the condominium residents. He dubbed DiGiovanni’s efforts to maintain his flag as “fake patriotism.”

Michael Avery, another trustee and a college professor, declined comment on the subject, but made his opinion on the subject of American flags quite clear in 2011 when he said in an e-mail to his colleagues at Suffolk University Law School that it was “shameful” to support “men and women who have gone overseas to kill other human beings.”

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