Common Core Opponents Winning, Polls Show

By:  Alex Newman
Common Core Opponents Winning, Polls Show

The latest nationwide public opinion data on Common Core represents another devastating blow to proponents of the national standards.

As the grassroots uprising against the Obama administration-pushed nationalization of schools continues to grow, public sentiment is quickly turning against the widely criticized Common Core standards — especially among parents with school-age children. Indeed, since just November of last year, the shallow “support” that did exist for the controversial education scheme has plunged dramatically, a new survey showed. Other polls found similar results. 

The latest nationwide public opinion data on national standards, released by Rasmussen Reports on June 26, represents another devastating blow to Common Core proponents — primarily Big Business, special interests, and the Obama administration. Despite pouring billions of dollars in taxpayer and special-interest funding into deceptive marketing gimmicks and propaganda to build support for Obama’s education “reform” schemes, opposition to Common Core continues to surge as awareness spreads.

Among parents of elementary and secondary school-age children, for example, only about one third of those surveyed support even the concept of national standards to begin with. Almost half opposed the idea of national school standards, and about 20 percent said they were not sure. Support was higher among respondents who did not have school-age children, presumably because they were less likely to follow education news.

The trends are significant, too. In November, over half of those polled supported the nationalization of school standards. In a period of just over six months, then, backing for national education standards suffered a stunning 18-point decline. On the other hand, opposition to national standards among parents of school-age children soared from 32 percent late last year to 47 percent in June. About the same percentage as before remained undecided.

Among Republicans, whose representatives control the U.S. House of Representatives and most state legislatures, the news was even more devastating for Common Core proponents. Just one third of self-identified GOP voters supported national standards, while 45 percent opposed them and 22 percent were unsure. A strong plurality of independents also opposed national education standards. Only among Democrats did a majority — 56 percent — support nationalized school standards.  

Asked about Common Core itself, the public was also becoming increasingly skeptical. Among adults generally, around 40 percent thought Common Core was somewhat or very likely to improve student achievement. By contrast, 44 percent said the national standards, pushed on state governments by bribes from the Obama administration, were either somewhat or very unlikely to improve student achievement. Some 17 percent were not sure.

Breaking the numbers down further, less than one third of Republicans thought Common Core would improve education, while 55 percent did not. A separate poll released last week by Pew Research revealed that conservatives of all stripes reject the national standards by a more than two-to-one margin, putting establishment GOP bigwigs such as Jeb Bush firmly on the fringe.

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