Communist Mass-murderer Wins Suspicious El Salvador Election

By:  Alex Newman
Communist Mass-murderer Wins Suspicious El Salvador Election

Despite evidence of widespread fraud, “former” Marxist mass-murderer Salvador Sánchez Cerén was declared the winner in the razor-thin El Salvador presidential election without a recount.

In what is widely being described as a “rigged” presidential election in El Salvador, “former” Marxist mass-murderer Salvador Sánchez Cerén with the globalist-backed and gangster-funded FMLN, a strong ally of Latin American communist and socialist tyrants, was declared the winner without a recount. Citing widespread fraud, the opposition ARENA party asked for the razor thin-margin election results to be recounted, investigated, or annulled. However, an electoral commission controlled by Sánchez Cerén’s communist guerrilla group-turned political party refused, declaring the ex-Marxist terror “commander” to be the winner by less than 6,400 votes. 

The controversial election, decided by about 0.2 percent if dubious official tallies are to be believed, is simply the latest example of a well-known Latin American communist revolutionary seizing executive power with support from socialist and communist forces across the region. It is also not the first time in recent memory — consider Venezuela’s recent elections, for instance — that the alleged electoral “victory” for autocratic candidates has been secured with a razor thin margin amid a questionable election that was widely viewed as rigged.

As allegations of fraud continued to swirl around the election, Norman Quijano of the more liberty-minded Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) declared himself the winner and asked for a public re-count of every vote — in the open. “If the FMLN continues with this fraud like what we have been seeing, this will be an illegitimate government, and if we let it, starting on June 1, the nation will have two presidents, one installed by force and one that is legitimate,” Quijano told rallying supporters last week, days after the dubious election. “The FMLN, which is essentially also the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, has refused to accept our petition.” 

Thousands of ARENA supporters also marched to the electoral tribunal last week demanding honesty in the tabulation of electronic voting records. “We cannot allow such a blatant fraud,” a 25-year-old cake shop owner and demonstrator named Prudencia Aparicio was quoted as saying by Reuters. ARENA vice-presidential candidate Portillo Cuadra added: “It is notorious and common knowledge that there were hundreds of records with irregularities and anomalies.” He also said FMLN-linked election officials should count the votes in the open to preserve what “little credibility” they have left.

Citing the example of anti-tyranny leaders in Venezuelacurrently being jailed, beaten, terrorized, and even murdered by the imploding socialist regime in Caracas — Quijano urged his supporters to remain calm and peaceful as they struggle for a recount and mount legal challenges. The presidential candidate also called on the domestic and international media to expose to the world the “running over of the popular will” being perpetrated in El Salvador by FMLN and its cronies in the electoral tribunal.

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Photo of Salvador Sánchez Cerén: AP Images

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