Correcting Mark Levin's Repeated Misrepresentation of James Madison

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Correcting Mark Levin's Repeated Misrepresentation of James Madison

Mark Levin continues misrepresenting James Madison's views on nullification. 

Mark Levin (shown in photo) is at it again. During an appearance on CSPAN’s Book TV program, the talk-show host went on a rhetorical rampage against those who prefer nullification over a constitutional convention as a tactic in the war against federal tyranny.

Given that Levin is little more than an entertainer who gets richer the more provocatively he behaves, it isn’t surprising that he would refer to the legitimate constitutional scholars who promote nullification (Thomas Woods, Kevin Gutzman, Walter Williams, Andrew Napolitano, among others) as “neo-confederates, fringe, idiotic, and crazy.”

Levin apparently believes that he can boost his credibility as a respectable constitutional authority by resorting to school-boy name-calling.

Although his interpretation (willful or ignorant) of a letter written by James Madison has now been exposed as incorrect, Levin continues perpetuating this fraudulent view of Madison’s opinion of state nullification of federal acts.

Levin’s comments demonstrate he knows little about the Constitution and less about context.

The con-con’s college of academics should know better, however. They should know that by removing a word from its original and intended context they put false words in an author’s mouth and commit fraud against those who are unfamiliar with the original source of the word or concept they claim to be quoting. 

Take the word “killing,” for example. While I might write that “killing” is acceptable in one circumstance or another (self-defense and in war, for example), that does not mean that I support killing in every situation. Context is key.

With that in mind, it is disingenuous (at best) for self-promoting “constitutional scholars” and “historians” to claim that James Madison opposed nullification, period. That is a gross mischaracterization and one that needs to be once and for all corrected.

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