Days After Acquittal, Zimmerman Rescues Family From Flipped SUV

By:  Michael Tennant
Days After Acquittal, Zimmerman Rescues Family From Flipped SUV

Four days after his acquittal in a Florida court, George Zimmerman emerged from hiding to help rescue a family trapped in their overturned vehicle.

Just days after being acquitted by a jury in the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman (shown on right in photo) helped rescue a family trapped in their overturned vehicle — and proved that he had not gone far from home despite numerous death threats.

According to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, on July 17, at approximately 5:45 p.m. Eastern, police were called to the scene of a one-car accident at the intersection of Interstate 4 and State Route 46 in Sanford, Florida, less than a mile from the scene of Zimmerman’s deadly confrontation with Martin. A blue Ford Explorer had driven off the highway and rolled over, trapping Mark and Dana Gerstle and their two children inside.

By the time a deputy arrived at the accident scene, the family had been helped out of the vehicle by two men, one of them Zimmerman. Police said Zimmerman, 29, was holding a fire extinguisher at the time. An eyewitness told Breitbart News that the vehicle had “caught fire” and that Zimmerman had “helped assist the family out of the vehicle and put out the fire with the extinguisher.” Other reports suggest that Zimmerman thought there was a fire and was prepared to battle it but was mistaken.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office said Zimmerman “was not a witness to the crash and left after making contact with the deputy.” The former neighborhood watch coordinator was, however, recognized by people on the scene and thanked for his help, the eyewitness told Breitbart.

No one was injured in the accident, the sheriff’s office said.

Zimmerman’s act of kindness marked his first known public appearance since his July 13 acquittal. His family said he has been in hiding since the verdict was rendered, and his lawyers said he has been wearing a bulletproof vest on those rare occasions when he surfaces. His parents also say they have not been able to return to their home as a result of the threats they have received.

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