Delegates Committed to Ron Paul File Federal Lawsuit Against RNC Seeking Right to Vote Their Conscience

By:  Joe Wolverton, II
Delegates Committed to Ron Paul File Federal Lawsuit Against RNC Seeking Right to Vote Their Conscience

At least 123 delegates to the Republican National Convention have joined as plaintiffs in a lawsuit seeking to block the Republican National Committee from forcing them to cast their votes for the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney.

In a message to supporters posted Friday on YouTube by Ron Paul, the constitutionally consistent candidate gave some marching orders to the legion of liberty-minded backers concerned about the future of the movement.

Telling viewers that he has come with “a lot of good news,” the Texas Congressman announced a roster of goals for all the delegates and alternates elected to represent him at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August.

First, delegates should work to “influence the platform.” Next, they should “fight for our values,” and finally, “do whatever they can to promote the cause of liberty.”

Running about eight minutes, Dr. Paul’s message does not sound like an attempt to either compromise or concede. He sounds confident that the fight for liberty and limited government will continue and is growing stronger every day.

As for those who argue that the fight is over and that the leader didn’t manage to win even a single state primary, the candidate responds that “not winning every single battle is irrelevant if you can win the war and the real war is the war of ideas.”

On that note, Dr. Paul presented several of the ideas promoted by “the opposition” (a group he does not specifically identify) that have failed and have led to the problems, economic and otherwise, plaguing the United States. He specifically blames the failures of Keynesian economics, central banks, fiat money, and authoritarianism for our current state of affairs.

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Photo: AP Images

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