Despite Big Push by Obama, Support for Syrian Attack Dwindles

By:  Bob Adelmann
Despite Big Push by Obama, Support for Syrian Attack Dwindles

With support for his proposed attack on Syria melting away, Obama has promised a full-on argument for this plan on television on Tuesday night. Who will be watching?

Secretary of State John Kerry, following his meetings with more than two dozen European foreign ministers on Saturday in Lithuania, insisted that his efforts were successful in generating support for President Obama’s planned attack on Syria. However, none of this support endorsed military action but only stated that a “clear and strong response” was needed without providing details. And then Kerry admitted that the United States had agreed “to provide additional information to those [skeptical] ministers who were not yet convinced that Assad orchestrated the attack.”

In other words, it’s a bridge too far: claiming that the attacks (which no doubt occurred; see the 13 videos vetted for authenticity here) took place on direct orders from Assad.

The more the president and his handlers and promoters push the idea as justification for the impending attacks, the more the idea is failing to rally support for them. Britain’s Parliament voted — twice — against supporting Obama. France continues to sit on its collective hands, waiting, it is claimed, for the final report from the UN inspectors to provide the smoking gun. That’s going to be a long wait as Martin Nesirky, the chief UN spokesman for the matter, said there would be no “preliminary” report and that the final report will be available only “once the lab analysis is complete,” suggesting it could be weeks or months.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, appearing on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, was pressed pretty hard about just how much support Obama really has from the international community and was forced, finally, to respond: “None at this point.” But he remained optimistic that if every member of Congress would just sit down and watch a few of those vetted videos on YouTube, they would know what to do:

I hope that every member of Congress, before he or she decides how they’ll cast their vote, will look at those pictures….

Everybody believes that Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against his own people … killing nearly 1,500 on August 21.

Well, not everybody. 

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Photo of President Barack Obama: AP Images

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