Despite Lack of Global Warming, UN Sure Humanity Is to Blame

By:  Alex Newman
Despite Lack of Global Warming, UN Sure Humanity Is to Blame

UN “experts” are still sure humanity is to blame for global warming -- while admitting that temperatures had essentially not increased in defiance of UN predictions.

As independent experts point to growing evidence for global cooling amid a lack of warming over the past 16 years, the United Nations and its largely discredited Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a summary of its latest climate report that seems to be a desperate raise on a busted flush. The document, which is already coming under fierce criticism and even ridicule from scientists around the world, claimed that the UN and its politically selected “experts” were more confident than ever that humanity is to blame for increasing temperatures — even while admitting that temperatures had essentially not increased, in defiance of all UN predictions. 

Despite the lack of warming that has demolished the credibility of supposed “climate models” trumpeted by the climate-hysteria industry and the UN, the global body’s panel claimed to be 95 percent sure that humans are at fault. Five years ago, they claimed to be 90 percent certain, apparently arbitrary and unscientific numbers developed mostly for PR purposes. As expected, the latest report also proposed a draconian planetary regime to reduce carbon dioxide known as a “carbon budget” for humanity. Analysts, even in the establishment media, pointed out that one of the key purposes of the report is to help provide a semblance of public support for the anti-CO2 regulatory scheme sought by would-be global authorities. 

If adopted, nobody disputes the fact that the “carbon budget” would grant unprecedented powers over people, businesses, and governments to planetary bureaucrats. The multi-trillion dollar scheme would also wreak havoc on the global economy — virtually every human activity, including breathing, releases carbon dioxide, a gas that is essential to plant life. On top of that, experts say the plan would have virtually no effect on the climate. Human emissions of the essential gas, which the UN and its lackeys in much of the establishment media continue to ludicrously demonize as “pollution,” make up just a fraction of one percent of the greenhouse gases present naturally in the atmosphere.       

The UN, though, sounded a highly alarmist tone, in keeping with past efforts to create a sense of urgency. “Human influence has been detected in warming of the atmosphere and the ocean, in changes in the global water cycle, in reductions in snow and ice, in global mean sea level rise, and in changes in some climate extremes,” claimed the UN report’s “summary for policymakers,” which is already being torn apart by independent scientists and even former IPCC experts who have resigned in disgust. “It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century.”

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Photo of panelists at IPCC meeting in Stockholm Sept. 23: AP Images

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