Elements of Soviet Mind-control Schemes Exposed

By:  Alex Newman
Elements of Soviet Mind-control Schemes Exposed

The communist regime ruling Russia has been doing mind-control experiments for decades — and still is today.

When the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) began engaging in horrific mind-control experiments starting in the early 1950s under the now partially exposed Project MKUltra, the Communist Party-run terror regime ruling the former Soviet Union had been working on such plots for decades. According to evidence in a recently released report by Serge Kernbach with Germany’s Research Centre of Advanced Robotics and Environmental Science, the Soviet regime poured at least $1 billion — probably much, much more — into research and programs often aimed at literally controlling the human mind and manipulating behavior.

Many of the programs continued long after the supposed collapse of the mass-murdering U.S.S.R. regime, too, Kernbach found. Also, in recent years, top Russian officials, including Vladimir Putin, have alluded to Moscow’s ongoing exploitation of the technology for military purposes. As part of its so-called terror war, the U.S. government’s Homeland Security apparatus has expressed interest in the research and its potential “security” applications as well. The Obama administration is also in the process of creating a “behavior” team to “nudge” the public into supporting its agenda.  

Most of the Soviet documents related to the communist mind-control machinations are still classified, meaning that information on the worst atrocities, abuses, and advances in taking over people’s minds and behavior remains off limits to the public. However, even based on the publicly available information contained in the report, it is clear that the programs — like similar unlawful schemes being perpetrated by the CIA, often on unknowing victims — are deeply disturbing. Among other plots, the paper shows, the Soviet regime was investigating “psychotronics” and parapsychology, using various technologies in a bid to alter and dominate the human mind.

Kernbach’s report, dubbed “Unconventional Research in USSR and Russia,” relies primarily on Russian scientific publications, articles, and declassified documents describing some of the technology and research. “Since USSR had in fact no unsupported-by-government research, unlike Europe and USA, where such research can be supported by private funds, all these activities can be interpreted as government programs,” Kernbach wrote. “Several such governmental programs are not officially published up to now. For instance, documents on experiments performed in OGPU and NKVD [secret police and predecessors to the KGB] — even 80 years after — still remain classified.”

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