EU Bosses Step Up Bullying, Propaganda to Combat Euroskepticism

By:  William F. Jasper
EU Bosses Step Up Bullying, Propaganda to Combat Euroskepticism

The EU’s ruling elites in Brussels are going all out for the May European Parliament elections, attempting to expand their powers throughout the continent and beat back a growing rebellion against centralization.

Viviane Reding (shown on right in photo), the controversial and voluble European justice commissioner, was in London on February 10 for a public debate on “The Future of Europe,” part of a “Citizens’ Dialogue” series launched by the commission in 2013 as a key element of a year-long propaganda blitz. That blitz is aimed at influencing the vote for the 751 members of the European Parliament in elections that will take place in every member state from May 22-25.  

Reding’s event in London, according to the EU Commission’s press office, was the 44th of “more than 47 such meetings” planned throughout the continent, together with a massive propaganda campaign involving television programming, social media trolling, literature distribution, and other costly schemes that have been drawing widespread criticism, even from political and media sectors that are normally supportive of the EU.

As The New American’s Bob Adelmann reported recently, Reding struck a raw nerve with her January federalism speech calling for transforming the European Union into a United States of Europe, with even greater and more centralized powers. It was but the latest, blatant confirmation from a top-level Eurocrat vindicating the warnings of critics that the proponents of “an ever closer union” really intended to completely eradicate the national sovereignty of EU member states and turn the EU into an omnipotent government over the entire continent. 

Of course, for most of the past nearly six decades of the EU’s existence (in its various permutations) its leaders and promoters have publicly, vociferously denied that they desired, or were working toward a federal United States of Europe — even while virtually every action they took (as well as their revealed private statements) proved otherwise. Two and a half decades ago, in an April 10, 1989 article entitled “United States of Europe,” The New American detailed the explicit, concrete steps that were being taken, as well as the many admissions by key EU architects, that belied the denials of the crypto-federalists concerning their true goals.

Now that the centralization and consolidation schemes are so flagrant as to be undeniable, the EU plotters are trying to bribe, bully, coerce, frighten, seduce, and threaten the increasingly resistant EU inhabitants into accepting the final coup de grace to their liberties. However, the EU-mandated taxpayer bailouts of the big European and Wall Street banks, along with monetary and regulatory policies that have clobbered EU economies, have taken a huge toll on EU credibility and popularity. The truculence of Reding and her boss, Commission President José Manuel Barroso (shown on left), are adding to the growing outrage and anger toward Brussels. The anti-EU sentiments are running especially strong in Britain, Germany, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, and the Netherlands (the latter of which was a founding member of the six-nation pact that grew into the EU).

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Photo: Commission President José Manuel Barroso (left), Viviane Reding (right) European justice commissioner.

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