Euroskepticism Growing, Threatening European Union

By:  Bob Adelmann
Euroskepticism Growing, Threatening European Union

The greater the efforts by elite statists such as Viviane Reding to push for a political unification of once-sovereign European nations, the greater the growth of Euroskepticism against them.

Viviane Reding, the vice president of the European Commission, has made it abundantly clear that her vision is to create and enforce a United States of Europe, and the upcoming election of 751 delegates to the European Parliament in May is just the time to accomplish the task. Said Reding, "We need to build a United States of Europe, with the Commission as government, and two chambers: the European Parliament, and a 'Senate' of Member States."

Once enacted, the commission would reign supreme over the governments of the once-sovereign nations of Europe, and the European Parliament members (MEPs) would supersede the authority of parliament members of the various national governments. And now is the time, declared Reding:

This debate is moving into the decisive phase now. In a little more than four months’ time, citizens across Europe will be able to choose the Europe they want to live in.

There is a lot at stake. The outcome of these elections will shape Europe for years to come.

And then she acknowledged why such a big push for a supranational regime is needed: the growth of the Euroskeptics who see what she is planning and don’t like it one bit. "This will be our best weapon against the Euroskeptics: to explain to our citizens that their vote really matters," Reding noted.

It’s going to be close. The harder Reding and her comrades push toward a political union with teeth, the more her efforts are being resisted. Major media mouthpieces for internationalism are getting nervous and are devoting massive resources not only to explore the breadth and the depth of the euroskeptic movement, but to begin to mount counterattacks to neutralize it.

For example, Huffington Post turned loose five of their journalists to explore the extent of the Euroskeptic movement across Europe and had them report back to headquarters what they found. What they found wasn't pretty. Peter Goodman, the leading light among them, titled his report “Skepticism and Contempt” and noted that his researchers found strong sentiments of “suspicion and even contempt” for Reding’s plans. He added:

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