Exxon Funding? Nope, Never Got The Check!

By:  Tom DeWeese
Exxon Funding? Nope, Never Got The Check!

Progressives can't understand how grassroots organizations are defeating Agenda 21 and other environmentalist plans, so they feel there must be a vast conspiracy funded by Big Oil and the Koch brothers.

It’s almost funny to watch. The radical left “Progressives” see our victories over their well-orchestrated plans to restructure America via Agenda 21 and Global Warming legislation, and they just can’t understand how it’s happening. Their only theory is that there must be some massive source of secret money driving us. We couldn’t possibly be a true grassroots movement, doing this on our own.

So, the Progressives are using all of their impressive resources in government, the news media, and the Internet to publish articles and plant their attempts to ridicule, cast doubt, and spread their own creative conspiracy theories about our unexplained successes.

Here are just a very few samples. The New York Times launched a front-page, Sunday edition attack entitled “Activists Fight Green Projects, Seeing UN Plot.” Mother Jones magazine offered its version of the anti-Agenda 21 battle with this headline: “We don’t need none of that Smart-growth Communism.” Then came The Atlantic magazine’s offering under the title of “Is the UN Using Bike Paths to Achieve World Domination?” And then The Atlantic Cities publication decried “How the Tea Party is Upending Urban Planning.” And that, of course, is the center of the matter. Anti-Agenda 21 activists are scoring victories in community after community, seriously curtailing or even stopping the “urban planning” that has damaged citizen’s rights to use their own bought-and-paid-for private property. How outrageous.

In addition to the articles in main stream media, they have dedicated whole websites and blogs to the task of “exposing” the leaders of this unexplained movement, digging deep to find our hidden funding, and searching for “suspicious” links to others guilty of the “conspiracy.” The witch hunt is searching for the roots of Hillary Clinton’s proclaimed “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.”

The websites and blogs include Wing Nut Watch, through which they breathlessly alert readers to the latest right-wing threat; Desmogblog.com, which declares its purpose to “Clearing the PR Pollution That Clouds Climate Science”; meaning, of course, that anyone who questions the “science” of global-warming theories is nothing more than a public relations huckster bought and paid for by evil big oil.

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