Florida Lawmakers Want Anger Management Training Required for Buying Ammo

By:  James Heiser
Florida Lawmakers Want Anger Management Training Required for Buying Ammo

A Florida state senator and a state representative have introduced bills requiring Floridians to take anger management training before they can purchase ammunition.

As gun-control advocates continue to seek creative new ways to limit the Second Amendment rights of American citizens, a wide variety of legislation has been introduced on the state and federal levels which would limit access to weapons, limit the size of magazines, or restrict sales of ammunition. But among the host of proposed laws and regulations, few have been met with the mixture of humor and horror from Second Amendment advocates that a bill introduced in Florida has elicited. In the Sunshine State, State Senator Audrey Gibson (D-District 9) has filed Senate Bill 1678, which would require mandatory anger-management training for any Floridian seeking to purchase ammunition.

The panoply of unconstitutional and even silly ideas which have been circulated in the aftermath of the mid-December tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, has often exasperated self-defense advocates, but Gibson’s bill struck many of them as a bad joke. Sean Caranna, the executive director of Florida Carry, told FoxNews March 6, “When I first saw it, I thought it had to be a joke. They’re trying to say that anyone who owns a gun or shoots a gun or has ammunition for it needs counseling and obviously has some anger problems.” And, given the ongoing debt crisis which exists at virtually every level of government, as well as a host of real issues that needs to be addressed by elected representatives, Caranna could hardly believe that Gibson would waste the senate’s time with her proposal. "We’ve got a lot of issues that should be the focus of these bill slots with limited filing, but instead we put in something as ridiculous as this,” he said. “I don’t see a planet where this passes. This is an attempt to grab attention — it has to be. And that’s really disappointing."

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