Gallup Survey Calls Into Question ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers

By:  Raven Clabough
Gallup Survey Calls Into Question ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers

According to a new Gallup survey released April 7, the number of ObamaCare sign-ups is not as high as the White House has been claiming.

The survey shows that the number of uninsured Americans has decreased by less than three million, not the 7.1 million the White House is alleging.

Why the discrepancy? Fox News pointed out: "The administration's numbers include people who switched their previous coverage, as well as people who have not paid their first month's premium, and who would therefore still be uninsured."

Analysts at Goldman Sachs had warned that approximately 20 percent of those who signed up for ObamaCare will not follow through, bringing the number of enrollees closer to five million (based on the assumption that seven million people actually signed up per the White House), about the same number of Americans whose coverage has been cancelled.

Immediately following the deadline to sign up for ObamaCare, critics called into question the final tally touted by the White House and noted that the healthcare law ultimately failed to do what it set out to.

The Boston Globe observed in the days following the close of the March 31 deadline, "The vast majority of those signing up to date were previously covered, a travesty given the bill’s 10-year cost of over $2 trillion."

The Globe determined that those figures were even less impressive considering the following:

Each year, millions of uninsured Americans find coverage through a new employer, Medicaid, or other means. In fact, the number of uninsured has fallen every year since peaking after the 2008 recession. Many of the 1.2 million newly insured through the exchanges likely would have found coverage regardless.

More evidence showing that the number of healthcare enrollees the White House is touting does not mean what the White House claims it does comes from a survey published by the consultancy McKinsey & Co. This survey found that just 27 percent of new enrollees were actually uninsured before signing up for insurance. Further, the study revealed that just one in 10 Americans who are eligible for ObamaCare have chosen to enroll.

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