George Zimmerman and the Wannabe Cop

By:  Selwyn Duke
George Zimmerman and the Wannabe Cop

While government has its place, the fact is that the realm outside government called society has been relinquishing its legitimate authority to the state for quite a long time. And the George Zimmerman case underlines how we've forgotten that the true “first responders” are supposed those first on the scene — even if they’re not wearing badges and might be stealing a bit of glory from those who do.

In a Hollywood-worthy twist, it was just revealed that George Zimmerman helped rescue a family from their overturned SUV a mere four days after his trial’s conclusion. Yes, that would be the much-maligned George Zimmerman. The accused “murderer” George Zimmerman. The targeted-for-death George Zimmerman. And what were the chances such an accident would occur in Zimmerman’s immediate vicinity while he’s still page-one news? It almost seems like a message about his character that could make an atheist believe in God.

And the whole Zimmerman fiasco says much about our nation’s changing character. Part of this is the increasing racial and ideological polarization and media corruption, which was alluded to oh-so cleverly by an Internet commenter who wrote, “If Zimmerman said “I’m going to pull you from underneath that vehicle,” NBC will change it to, “I’m going to pull you … underneath that vehicle!” But the hopey-changey, getting-strangey difference I want to discuss here was brought to light by Zimmerman spokesman Shawn Vincent, who asked The Daily Caller after the rescue, “What if George hadn’t gotten out of his truck?”

Vincent was, of course, alluding to all the critics who’ve said that Zimmerman never should have left his vehicle the night he was attacked by Trayvon Martin. “He had no business playing wannabe cop,” we may hear, or his “John Wayne attitude cost a kid his life.” And, yes, Martin would likely be with us today had Zimmerman been a retiring flower. But if we really want to play “what if,” it’s also possible that given how Martin was descending rapidly and rabidly into thuggery in recent times, had he lived he might have killed an innocent person — or people — sometime down the road. Such things must be considered when theorizing about alternative futures.

The point is that the same phenomenon causing Zimmerman to keep an eye on Martin also inspired him to help rescue that imperiled family from their SUV. Should he have simply waited for authorities? Many lives would have been lost throughout history had that been our attitude. And that’s my point here: In a sense, Americans are supposed to be wannabe cops.

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