GOP Congressional Hopefuls Look to Join Amash's Liberty Caucus

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
GOP Congressional Hopefuls Look to Join Amash's Liberty Caucus

Six Republican candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives vie to join Justin Amash's Liberty Caucus in Congress this  November.

Despite being ruthlessly attacked by Establishment Republicans, Justin Amash (R-Mich.; shown) won his recent primary and looks likely to return to his position as the U.S. House of Representatives Liberty Caucus chairman.

According to a report published August 15 in the Washington Examiner, Amash may soon have some help restoring constitutional restraints on the legislative branch.

“Amash is still very much in the minority of House Republicans, so even a handful of ideologically simpatico colleagues would be a big change for the libertarian caucus,” writes Betsy Woodruff in the Examiner.

Woodruff points out that Amash is seen by many — including himself — as the heir apparent to former congressman, presidential candidate, and libertarian icon Ron Paul. 

If it is possible, Ron Paul has become even more active and more influential since retiring from Congress in 2012. Amash and a handful of other like-minded constitutionalists are tasked with carrying the torch handed them by Paul.

Although there are likely scores of simpatico candidates running for state and local office across the country, Woodruff highlights six congressional candidates in her article, each of whom she believes has a shot at joining the roster of libertarian-leaning legislators and making things hard on the “moss covered” GOP establishment.

First up is Tom Emmer. He won the GOP primary held earlier in the week in Minnesota, and is vying to fill the seat once held by Michele Bachman.

David FitzSimmons, an Emmer campaign consultant, told the Washington Examiner that Emmer was “very much a states’ rights guy” and that he would have no qualms about straying from the party line when necessary.

“He’s his own person, so his views may align with some people sometimes and with others different times,” FitzSimmons said, as reported in Woodruff’s article.

That’s not exactly the brand of bold language many constitutionalists would prefer, but it is the sort that gets one elected, and if Emmer will join the Amash bloc of constitutionalists, then a little soft pedaling can be forgiven.

On his campaign website, Emmer’s political philosophy is summed up this way:

Tom believes government has grown too large and has strayed from its duty of service for the people. By keeping taxes low and making government a resource — not a restraint — for individuals and businesses, we can move our country toward a path of prosperity.


Click here to read the entire list of six congressional candidates mentioned by Betsy Woodruff in the Examiner.

Photo of Rep. Justin Amash: AP Images

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