Hollywood Producer of Violent Movies Plans to "Destroy" the NRA

By:  Bob Adelmann
Hollywood Producer of Violent Movies Plans to "Destroy" the NRA

Harvey Weinstein said last Wednesday that he was going to produce a movie that would destroy the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Harvey Weinstein, the co-founder of MiraMax Films in the late 1970s and now co-owner of the Hollywood movie studio The Weinstein Company, told radio shock jock Howard Stern last Wednesday that he was going to produce a movie that would so damage the National Rifle Association (NRA) that “they’re going to wish they weren't alive after I’m done with them.” Stern asked Weinstein if he owned a gun. Weinstein replied: "I never want to have a gun. I don’t think we need guns in this country, and I hate [them].… I think the NRA is a disaster area."

Stern then asked Weinstein about a movie he is currently producing about the Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II, based on Leon Uris’ novel Mila 18, and the obvious inconsistencies in his attack on the NRA. Weinstein said that was different, that gun ownership is justified “when you’re marching half a million people into Auschwitz.” He would use it, too, if he “found a gun, and if that was happening to my people.”

Weinstein’s hypocrisy gained more traction when the NRA reported that some of Weinstein’s movies are so violent that providing links to them in its newsletter “would obviously not be appropriate” for its audience, which includes family members and young people. In fact, four of Weinstein’s productions have made the top (or bottom) 20 on CNN’s list of Hollywood’s Most Violent FilmsReservoir Dogs, Django Unchained, Kill Bill, and Rambo.

Rambo, made in 2008, “may well have the dubious distinction of containing the most over-the-top gun fight ever portrayed on screen,” according to the NRA. In the finale,

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