I Confess: I’m a “Terrorist”

By:  Thomas R. Eddlem
I Confess: I’m a “Terrorist”

Only in America are the ones who want to balance the budget and make raising the national debt limit unnecessary labeled “terrorists,” while those who want to raise the national credit card limit to infinity deemed reasonable.

That’s the lesson of the October partial government shutdown and debt limit debate that the media have tried to teach us.

Count this “terrorist” among the learning-disabled on this lesson.

I say it’s all about the selling job. The media and most politicians trumpeted only one option as a metaphysical necessity throughout the debate: We must raise the debt ceiling. Nobody ever discussed the alternative, balancing the budget, which would have made raising the debt ceiling unnecessary.

Of course, as a “terrorist,” I could be wrong. The federal budget was balanced during the shutdown, as federal spending was cut by more than what the CBO projected annual deficit to be. And those spending cuts strangely didn’t move Obama’s debt limit deadline by even a single minute. Only a terrorist such as I would imply Obama cooked the books to hype that deadline.

But this is America. And in America we can rely on the fact that the terrorists always lose, just as reliably as Republican leaders always cave to the demands of Democrats. So, the debt limit will officially be infinity until February 7. We terrorists — the constitutionalist movement, Tea Party conservatives, and the Congressional Liberty Caucus — certainly lost. The only thing worse to a terrorist than not coming to a national debt limit deal is coming to a “clean” debt deal that simply enables more debt and a bigger reckoning later.

But America never loses. The White House trumpeted back on July 8, “The 2013 deficit is now projected to be 4.7 percent of GDP. That is down from a deficit of 10.1 percent four years ago — representing the fastest period of deficit reduction since the years immediately following World War II.” Forget the diminished expectations. We should be jumping out of our pants for joy because the federal government is only driving toward the debt cliff at 60 miles per hour, instead of the 120-mph pace at which we were driving four years ago. Obama claimed his “budget achieves a core goal of fiscal sustainability by putting Federal debt on a declining path as a share of the economy.” As Charlie Sheen would say, “Winning!”

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