If Zimmerman Walks, Media-inspired Riots Anticipated

By:  Alex Newman
If Zimmerman Walks, Media-inspired Riots Anticipated

The city of Sanford, Florida, already has a secret law-enforcement plan to deal with potential riots and unrest in the wake of a possible acquittal of George Zimmerman. Miami has efforts to keep the peace underway as well.

Across America, pundits and analysts have been warning that a “not guilty” verdict in the controversial case could set off an explosive wave of deadly violence rivaling the mass riots that ensued following the 1992 Rodney King trial. If mayhem does strike, analysts say the establishment media, President Obama, and assorted race-profiteers would bear much of the blame. 

Well before the verdict is announced, agitators and provocateurs are already using social-media services to broadcast their intentions to unleash chaos and death. One Facebook page being investigated by authorities, for example, was entitled “RIOT for Trayvon.” In its description, the page read: “They don’t think we will tear this mutha ----- [expletive deleted] up! LIKE IF YOU READY TO RIDE! LETS FLEX OUR MUSCLE! WHAT, YOU SCARED?” Other pages brazenly call for murder.

On Twitter, meanwhile, violent messages from self-styled Trayvon Martin supporters have also been calling for violence, mayhem, and killing if the jury refuses to convict Zimmerman of second-degree murder — a prospect that appears increasingly likely as the prosecution’s case implodes. Twichy, a site that compiles tweets related to major news stories, collected a sample of some of the messages, more than a few of which include racist remarks aimed at Zimmerman, whites, and Hispanics.

“If #Zimmerman get off ima shoot the first #hispanic/white i see,” reads one such message. "Trayvon Martin need justice! Gimme me tha pistol ill kill Zimmerman myself!" says another. "If Zimmerman win, I'm gonna go kill a white a kid by mistake," reads a third. “If #zimmerman get off ima kill him myself since no one wanna take care of his Mexican burrito eatin a** [expletive deleted],” another user tweeted. Countless similar death threats continue to be made.

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Photo of California Highway Patrol officer standing guarding during 1992 Los Angeles riots: AP Images

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