In Bid for More Power, Obama Hypes Alarmist “Climate” Report

By:  Alex Newman
In Bid for More Power, Obama Hypes Alarmist “Climate” Report

The Obama administration released a massive new report on “climate change” packed with junk-science and alarmism.

In what critics said was a transparent bid to build some semblance of support for more usurpations of power and its economy-crushing executive decrees on “global warming,” the Obama administration is hyping a massive new report on “climate change,” released May 6, packed with alarmism, pseudo-science, and bizarre fear-mongering. Top White House officials warned that the American people, acting through their elected representatives in Congress, have “zero chance” of stopping the looming avalanche of abuses. Opponents of the climate hysteria and escalating federal lawlessness, however, are not so sure.

Of course, even the most fanatical global-warming theorists acknowledge that there has actually been no increase in temperatures for almost 18 years — and counting. The lack of any warming thoroughly discredited every single one of the United Nations’ 73 climate “computer models,” all of which predicted drastic temperature rises over that period. The theories underpinning the hysteria have been largely debunked, too. And the implosion of the pseudo-scientific “climate” scare is accelerating faster than the record high levels of sea ice in the Antarctic. Recent polls, meanwhile, show that most Americans do not believe the theories and that “climate action” ranks dead last on the public’s list of 15 priorities.  

More than a few experts whose track records are far better than the UN’s have even warned that a period of global cooling may be on the way — or even already here, covered up by brazen deception in the temperature record from NASA and NOAA. “There is overwhelming evidence that global warming no longer exists and that the use of CO2 and the greenhouse gas theory by the UN and our own government represents what I and other scientists believe is the greatest scientific fraud in history,” explained Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) chief John Casey, a former White House space program advisor and climate researcher.

In a letter to Obama sent last week, Casey warned the White House of the dangers his institute expects from the coming planetary cooling period. “The record winter of 2013-2014 along with others in the past six years is but one example of how this recently started solar hibernation will continue to make the Earth much colder,” he warned, adding that 18 out of 24 parameters monitored for the Global Climate Status Report show a cooling trend. “Sadly, even though the Earth is now cooling rapidly, we still see the current U.S. administration and other countries trying to force-feed this bad science on their citizens.” 

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