LGBT Activists Derail Stanford Funding for Marriage Conference

By:  Dave Bohon
LGBT Activists Derail Stanford Funding for Marriage Conference

Stanford University has denied funding for a pro-marriage conference, agreeing with homosexual activists that the event amounts to "anti-LGBT" hate speech.

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) of prestigious Stanford University in California (campus shown in photo) has shot down a request for funding from a university group that is planning a pro-marriage conference entitled “Communicating Values: Marriage, Family and the Media.” The Stanford Anscombe Society says that its campus mission is to promote “discussion regarding the roles of the family, marriage, and sexual integrity in the lives of Stanford students both now and after graduation.”

But National Review reported that when the group approached Stanford's GSC to request $600 in funding for the event, the government group was convinced by campus homosexual organizations that the conference amounted to “anti-LGBT” hate speech. “Over 100 students, many organized by the queer graduate group GradQ, showed up at the GSC meeting on 'Communicating Values' and, according to the minutes of the meeting, decried 'Communicating Values' as hateful and even dangerous to LGBT members of the Stanford community,” reported National Review.

According to the minutes of the GSC meeting, one student warned that “an event such as this would be a negative event; in schools that have negative events there is a statistically significant increase in suicide.”

Another testified that “public schools cannot deny student group funding based on viewpoint, but enforcing viewpoint neutral policy that denies funding for hate speech is an entirely different ballgame. Even if Stanford was a public university, it would be perfectly legal to deny funding to events that make LGBT community feel unwelcome.”

Among the other comments by students antagonistic toward a group that promotes healthy marriage relationships:

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