Lone Star College Stabbing Undermines Gun Control Argument

By:  Raven Clabough
Lone Star College Stabbing Undermines Gun Control Argument

Dylan Quick, reportedly a student at Lone Star College, who told authorities he had fantasized about stabbing people since he was eight years old, evidently followed through with his delusion.

A mass stabbing that took place earlier this week at Lone Star College Cy-Fair in Harris County near Houston, Texas, does not help advance the gun control agenda that has pervaded media reports. Fifteen students were wounded in the stabbing, with four believed to be in critical condition. Police have the suspect, 20-year-old Dylan Quick, in custody. Quick is reportedly a student at Lone Star College who told authorities that he had fantasized about stabbing people since he was eight years old.

College faculty sounded the alarm shortly after 11 a.m. to alert the students that the campus was on lockdown as a blade-wielding assailant reportedly targeted victims’ throats and faces with a box-cutter in the college’s Health and Science Center.

While the details of the incident remain scarce, photographers managed to capture images of students strapped to gurneys leaving in ambulances and masses of students fleeing the scene.

While the incident is certainly a devastating one, it also highlights the flaws of the anti-gun agenda. Guns.com observes:

The school was in effect a gun free zone, with a weapons policy forbidding any civilian, even those with concealed carry permits, from having a firearm on campus. With the United States (and some may argue the world) keeping its focus tight on gun control rather than on caring for and identifying the mentally ill, incidents like this prove, where there’s a will, there will always be a way.

Following tragic mass shootings like the Aurora movie theater shooting and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, lawmakers have targeted guns, particularly rifles. But according to an FBI report on homicides in 2011, there are far more murders committed by knives and blunt objects than by rifles.

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