Mark Meckler Ridicules Those Opposed to Constitutional Convention

By:  Thomas R. Eddlem
Mark Meckler Ridicules Those Opposed to Constitutional Convention

Mark Meckler has begun ridiculing constitutionalists for being skeptical of a constitutional convention.

Mark Meckler of Citizens for Self-Government has inaugurated a pattern of ridiculing constitutionalists such as Phyllis Schlafly and The New American's own Joe Wolverton for being skeptical of pushing the nation into a constitutional convention.

In a column for American Spectator, Meckler — a co-founder of Tea Party Patriots — claimed that the staunchly pro-life Schlafly “stands firmly with Roe v. Wade justice” simply because she opposed a constitutional convention. “Sadly, Phyllis Schlafly stands almost alone on the fringe of conservatism, with no significant support from legitimate scholars or notable commentators, clutching feebly to a letter written in the 1970s by liberal activist Chief Justice Warren Burger.” The December 16 column was full of satire implying that because of her opposition to a constitutional convention, Schlafly had become senile in recent years.

More recently, on January 17, Meckler unloaded on The New American's Joe Wolverton with “LOL” — laughing out loud — in the title. The column likewise criticized Wolverton's scholarly skepticism of a constitutional convention with ridicule. While condemning “Joe's condescending and arrogant attitude,” so-called, toward proponents of a constitutional convention, Meckler engaged in his own condescending remarks. “I'm not sure what else to say about the bizarre and irrational ramblings of Joe Wolverton,” Meckler wrote, putting Wolverton's law credentials "J.D." in quotation marks, implying his law degree from Tennessee's University of Memphis was somehow not legitimate. Meckler then added: “I'll do my best in this short post to suppress my laughter (but not the mockery).” Meckler's article was notable in that he failed to argue down a single one of Wolverton's points; in fact, he didn't offer any evidence at all that Wolverton was mistaken in his claims.

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Photo of Phyllis Schlafly

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