Media Reveals Own Bias, Ignorance After LAX Shooting

By:  Alex Newman
Media Reveals Own Bias, Ignorance After LAX Shooting

While the details and facts surrounding the reported shooting at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) continue to shift, the establishment media’s dangerous but easily predictable narrative is already in full swing. 

In essence, it goes like this: Anyone and everyone who harbors “anti-government” views, expresses opposition to what global leaders refer to as the “New World Order,” or advocates for honest money, is a potential terrorist in waiting. The demonization of vast swaths of the American public is now accelerating, but in the process, the establishment press is exposing itself as clueless, out-of-touch, or deliberately deceptive at worst.    

Originally, the suspected shooter, 23-year-old Paul Ciancia, was reported to be an off-duty Transportation Security Administration agent by CBS News, the Los Angeles Times, and other media outlets, all of which cited supposed “federal law enforcement” sources. Witnesses told local media outlets that the shooter was dressed in a TSA outfit, too. Within hours, though, “unnamed federal law enforcement” sources started claiming that the suspect was actually an unemployed motorcycle mechanic who despised the TSA and was generally “anti-government.”

At least one government employee with the TSA was reported killed, and several people were said to have been injured, before the alleged shooter was shot multiple times and wounded by police. A few media reports also claimed the suspected shooter asked people at the airport whether they were TSA to help identify his targets. However, the purpose of doing something like that was not immediately clear — especially since the agency’s employees wear uniforms and would be easy to identify. The suspect is reportedly in custody at a hospital and unable to speak with officials owing to gunshot wounds.

Based on a supposed “note” the alleged shooter was carrying, though, he now appears to have been almost the perfect caricature of the lunatic, anti-government killer that the media and certain federal bureaucracies have desperately been seeking after every tragedy. The supposed document, if it exists, has not been released for reasons that are not entirely clear. However, based on anonymous “sources” cited by the press, a picture is emerging of the alleged “manifesto” suggesting that Ciancia — like the vast majority of Americans — was deeply upset about government and political developments.

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Photo of police at the scene of the alleged shooting at Los Angeles International Airport: AP Images

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