Mexican Cartels Clash With Troops; U.S. Candidates Silent

By:  James Heiser
Mexican Cartels Clash With Troops; U.S. Candidates Silent

As Mexico's bloody drug war continues between the cartels and the government, America's presidential candidates seem not to notice the war across the southern border.

Only weeks after Miguel Angel Treviño Morales became the new head of the infamous Zetas Cartel, reports coming out of Mexico indicate that his brother Omar may have been killed during an hour-long battle between the cartel and Mexican government forces.

As reported for The New American on October 15, Treviño Morales became the leader of the Zetas when Heriberto Lazcano was killed in a battle with Mexican marines on October 7. Both Treviño and Omar Morales have been longtime members of the Zetas, having the respective designations of Z40 and Z42 to designate them as the fortieth and forty-second members of the drug cartel. During their years in the Zetas, Treviño has allegedly earned a reputation for brutality such that even in the world of the cartels, he is described as a “sadist.” This reputation has been a point of pride for his brother Omar; as noted in one press account, “Omar bragged to an informant that Miguel Treviño has personally killed more than 2,000 people, nearly 400 of them U.S. citizens.”

In the aftermath of another battle between Zetas and government forces there were reports that Omar had been killed in the firefight. However, an article translated for casts doubt on that report, and claims that it was another prominent Zeta, Isaac Aquiahuatl Abel Garcia (aka “King Kong”), who died:

Military sources confirmed Tuesday that Omar Treviño Morales is not dead, however, Isaac Aquiahuatl Abel Garcia, the commander King Kong, was killed in a clash with members of the Navy of Mexico Monday, in the town of Guadalupe, Zacatecas.

It also confirmed that in the fray against the members of the Zetas, there were three members of the Navy killed, after fierce gun battle with heavy weapons and grenades that lasted over an hour on various streets and avenues in the capital of Zacatecas.

Sources indicate that initially, members of the Navy were "unsure" about the identity of one of the of the Zetas killed, said to be a leader, along with six of his companions in the safe house.

They thought they had killed Omar Treviño Morales, brother of Miguel Angel Treviño The Z-40, but after conducting tests and fingerprint identity [of the] crime boss killed, it was confirmed that this is Aquiahuatl Abel Isaac Garcia, "Commander King Kong ".

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Photo of Mexican Army soldier: AP Images

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