Mixed Results From Tuesday's Elections

By:  Bob Adelmann
Mixed Results From Tuesday's Elections

A closer look at Tuesday's elections reveals the conservative movement alive and well, even if often compromised by establishment Republicans or craftily deceived by liberal Democrats.

On the surface, the reelection of Chris Christie as New Jersey’s governor was remarkable, winning with a solid 60 percent of the vote in a dark blue (liberal Democrat) state. A closer look reveals that Christie was running as a Republican in name only, against a weak opponent who was earlier slated to lose by a much higher margin. Christie won for his ability to enforce pension reform and make it easier to fire bad teachers while vetoing a tax increase on the state’s wealthiest taxpayers.

But on issues closer to conservatives’ hearts, Christie is no Ronald Reagan. He not only thinks that global warming is “for real” but that much of it is caused by humans. He slammed the National Rifle Association when it ran an ad showing President Obama’s daughters being carefully protected from predators at a private school by 15 armed guards, calling the ad “reprehensible.” But what likely most annoyed and alienated conservatives was his hugging of the president following Superstorm Sandy just days before the 2012 election. Polls showed that that single event, hyped endlessly across the mainstream media, was the turning point for Obama in his contest with Romney.

As his position as a potential front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination improved following his victory, his definitely liberal behaviors are likely to jump up and bite him in 2016, including his signing into law a bill that would levy criminal penalties against parents and Christian ministers if they counsel young people to change their sexual orientation or gender identity.

In addition, Christie appointed a hardcore liberal as attorney general for the state — Paula Gow — who favors abortion and gun confiscation from law-abiding citizens to keep those guns from somehow getting into the hands of criminals. In addition, she refused to join in the state attorneys general lawsuit against ObamaCare.

Gary Bauer, president of American Values, said that Christie’s problem is that “he’s a Northeastern Republican [who will] have a hard time appealing to the GOP’s conservative base in the Midwest and the South.”

So Christie’s victory in New Jersey was a shallow one for conservatives at best.

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