Momentum Gaining to Allow Firearms on Campuses

By:  Bob Adelmann
Momentum Gaining to Allow Firearms on Campuses

There has been a definite momentum shift in the long war against guns, as colleges and other public institutions are beginning to allow concealed carry of weapons for defense.  

Jim Irvine, chairman of the Buckeye Firearms Association in Columbus, Ohio, expressed confidence that Ohio will shortly join the growing number of states allowing concealed carry permit holders (CCW for concealed-carry-weapon) on school grounds and campuses around the country. Following tragic shootings at Virginia Tech, Columbine High School, and Sandy Hook, legislators have been conflicted as to the best way to protect students from deranged criminals seeking instant fame through high body counts in their armed attacks on innocents. The momentum appears to be shifting toward common sense. Allowing permit holders in churches, day-care centers, and schools, according to Irvine, "[is] not only a good idea, it’s a mandatory thing if you want the kids to be safe. I think, in time, it’s going to be required."

Ohio legislators aren’t the only ones taking a second look, by any means. In Arkansas lawmakers approved a measure allowing churches that operate K-12 schools to permit CCW holders on campus, as well as onto other church property and places of worship. Oklahoma now allows private schools to let CCW licensees carry onto school grounds while Alabama just passed a law authorizing counties to form voluntary armed security forces made up of current and retired school employees.

Kansas school districts allow employees with CCW permits onto school grounds while Tennessee has greatly softened its previous ban on those with permits to carry.

South Dakota and Texas have gone a step further, creating “sentinel” and “marshal” programs that provide intensive training for volunteer teachers to become the front line of defense against a criminal attack.

Utah has one of the freest, most liberal laws concerning the keeping and bearing of firearms by its citizens in the country and, accordingly, all 10 public colleges in the state allow concealed carry on campus.

Overzealous educators in Colorado tried to ban concealed carry on campus, but in March 2012, the state’s highest court ruled that it violated the state’s concealed carry law.

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