Mother Drowned Two Newborns to Save Money on Abortion

By:  Selwyn Duke
Mother Drowned Two Newborns to Save Money on Abortion

Recognizing the false distinction between abortion and killing a newborn baby, more and more women are cutting out the middleman and monetary expense and are choosing to make their infanticide a post-partum experience.

“Let all the babies be born. Then let us drown those we do not like,” said G.K. Chesterton. The philosopher was making a pro-life point, but, increasingly, we’re seeing mothers who actually are performing their own post-partum “abortions.” One case involves a 34-year-old Maryland woman who did, in fact, deliver a baby on two different occasions — and then decide to drown the child right after birth. Writes Lifesite News’ Ben Johnson, “Melissa Schrae Bowen of Prince Frederick said she killed her babies because she had three children already and could not afford an abortion. She saw her acts of infanticide as a parallel to legalized abortion.”

The grisly story came to light on March 8, 2012 when the defendant’s mother found the body of a baby boy, born sometime in 2007, in a garbage bag in Bowen’s car trunk and contacted the police. Months later on November 16, authorities would discover another dead baby boy in a suitcase in a home in La Plata, Maryland; that child was birthed late in 2011 or early in 2012. Bowen said that in both cases she successfully hid her pregnancies, gave birth on a toilet, and then left the children to die. The first child lingered on struggling for life, however; Bowen then drowned him in a bathtub.

On August 8 of this year Bowen entered an Alford Plea — a type of guilty plea in which the defendant maintains his innocence but acknowledges that the state can prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt — and will serve two concurrent 10-year sentences for one count of second degree murder and two counts of manslaughter.

Yet Bowen’s case is hardly unique. In fact, last year Lifesite’s John Jalsevac cited 17 examples of infanticide, all but one of which occurred during just a six-month period. Here’s a sampling of those 2013 cases:

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