NRA Leads Recall Efforts Against Anti-Gun Lawmakers in Colorado

By:  Raven Clabough
NRA Leads Recall Efforts Against Anti-Gun Lawmakers in Colorado

Anti-gun lawmakers in Colorado are facing recall bids from angry voters over stringent new state gun laws, with the NRA taking a lead in the efforts.

Anti-gun Democratic lawmakers in Colorado are facing recall bids from angry voters in what is believed to be the first phase in a number of fallouts over efforts to restrict gun rights expected to be seen across the country. New revelations indicate that the National Rifle Association has assumed a major role in the recall initiatives, focusing on Colorado State Senate President John Morse.

CNN reports of Morse,

He is facing a petition drive to initiate an election to recall him because of legislation passed this year in Colorado requiring universal background checks on sales of all firearms in the state, as well as a ban on the sale of ammunition magazines greater than 15 rounds.

An NRA mailer obtained by CNN asks members to sign a petition for a recall election to vote Senator Morse out of office, with a deadline of June 3 for 7,178 signatures to be obtained.

The NRA wrote that Morse "led the charge to pass extreme and onerous anti-gun state legislation in Denver," adding that "responsible gun owners and sportsmen will be forever burdened by his misguided leadership in the Colorado Senate."

Earlier this year, Colorado state legislators passed historic and sweeping gun control legislation. It is the only state outside the East Coast to have adopted significant gun control regulations in the past year.

The strict regulations came even as the state of Colorado has witnessed significant increases in gun sales over the last year. Following the tragic Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting last year, the state saw a major spike in gun sales. The abduction and murder of Westminster, Colorado, pre-teen Jessica Ridgeway caused another surge in sales, reported the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Last year, on Black Friday, a new state record was set with over 4,000 background checks on people purchasing firearms, nearly 1,000 more than the previous year. In fact, the flood of purchases caused the system to crash twice.

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