Obama and His Healthcare Law Increasingly Unpopular, Polls Show

By:  Raven Clabough
Obama and His Healthcare Law Increasingly Unpopular, Polls Show

Recent polls reveal that the reputation of President Obama and his signature healthcare law continues to suffer among the American people.

According to a recent poll from Fox’s pollster, 60 percent of Americans believe the ObamaCare rollout is “a joke,” while a CBS News survey reports that just 12 percent of the public says the launch has gone “well.”

Though the White House has not released official numbers detailing how many Americans have enrolled in the new healthcare program during the initial period of open enrollment, others report that the numbers are significantly lower than expected.

Some analysts assert that the poor enrollment is a result of coding and design problems connected to the website. Additionally, UnitedLiberty.org contends that the "decision to put income verification at the start of the enrollment process, thus allowing potential enrollees to see subsidy eligibilty so they wouldn't be scared off by rate shock" was another reason the exchange site experienced issues.

And the Daily Mail asserted, "The low numbers also reflect a level of technological frustration on the part of Americans whose attempts to investigate their new health insurance options have been met with crashes, error messages and interminable delays."

The failed ObamaCare website should provoke ire from the American people, considering its cost.

"HealthCare.gov is an unmitigated, $400-million disaster," declared Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.). He continued,

Deadlines have been repeatedly missed. The databases that store sensitive medical and financial information aren’t secure. Those attempting to enroll in health care exchanges have been unable to do so due to technical "glitches." Worse still, these same individuals will be slapped with a penalty tax for being uninsured. If the federal government is unable to manage this website, how can they possibly manage our country’s health care system?

The website cost three times as much as anticipated by the administration, notes NBC News.

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