Obama Will Use Amnesty to "Transform America," Buchanan Warns

By:  Jack Kenny
Obama Will Use Amnesty to "Transform America," Buchanan Warns

In the final days of his presidential campaign in 2008, Barack Obama spoke of "fundamentally transforming the United States of America."

Author and political columnist Pat Buchanan believes granting "defacto amnesty" to millions of illegal immigrants is the way he will do it.

"I think he's exactly the guy to do it because he wants to transform America, and how better to transform America than basically to put 8 million people here illegally on a path to citizenship when 80 percent, 90 percent of them tend to vote Democratic?" Buchanan said July 30 in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

"He can probably do this and get away with it," he said, predicting Obama would defer legal action against "5 million to 8 million folks" and "give them work permits, permission to stay, de facto amnesty to get in the country. What does it do for Barack Obama? It energizes the Hispanic base and the La Raza militants. It changes the subject in the elections of 2014 from foreign policy failures and domestic policy failures to the issue [to] which a lot of Republicans will immediately raise 'let's impeach the guy for doing this.' That will split the Republican Party, Sean, and the Chamber of Commerce and some of these moderate Republicans will be delighted the issue is behind them."

Buchanan expanded on that theme in a column he published August 1, noting that "there is a precedent" for the kind of executive action he believes the President will take. "Obama has already issued one executive order deferring the deportation of 'dreamers,' children brought into the United States illegally by their parents before 2007." And while Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) has called for legislation to specifically bar the president from further executive actions along those lines, "this divided Congress is not going to pass any such law," Buchanan wrote. "Nor would Obama sign it."

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Photo of President Obama: AP Images

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