ObamaCare Failing to Attract Much-Needed Young People

By:  Raven Clabough
ObamaCare Failing to Attract Much-Needed Young People

ObamaCare continues struggling to stay afloat after its disastrous launch on October 1. With the healthcare website plagued by significant glitches and low enrollment numbers, some are wondering if the president's signature law will even be able to ride out its first year.

Much of its survival depends on the registration of young, healthy, and uninsured Americans; however, data reveal that very few people matching that criteria have signed up for insurance, and many seem to have no intention to do so.

Fox News reports, “Experts say the health care program needs 40 percent of all enrollees to be between 18 and 34 years old — a prized demographic known in the industry as the ‘young invincibles.’ They are considered young, healthy and relatively cheap to care for and are necessary to subsidize older and more expensive enrollees.” In order to keep prices on those plans affordable, ObamaCare proponents are pushing to get seven million or so people enrolled by 2014, and in particular are hoping to see nearly three million young adults sign up.

A key provision in the healthcare law states that insurers must charge older Americans no more than three times what they charge younger, healthier adults. The result of this is that young adults are now facing higher premiums than prior to the implementation of the healthcare law, and naturally they are not keen to pay the hiked rates.

USA Today writes, “In most states, we’re not talking about the kind of slight increases that could be offset by forgoing a couple of lattes a month. Instead, these increases are enough to make young adults squeeze in another roommate — or maybe even move back in with Mom and Dad.”

In Arizona, for example, the average monthly premium for a 27-year old is expected to jump from $102 to $261.87 a month, with similar increases seen in a number of other states.

The administration has not released actual figures as of yet, but the six states that are currently keeping track of the data report that only 28 percent currently fit into the “young invincibles” demographic.

Fox News met with Los Angeles residents within that demographic to ask whether they intended to purchase health insurance, and most seemed to agree that it was not good economic sense.

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