ObamaCare: Putting the “Blue” in the Bluegrass State

By:  Michael Tennant
ObamaCare: Putting the “Blue” in the Bluegrass State

Individual health insurance rates are going up significantly in Kentucky — in at least one case, by almost 200 percent — because of ObamaCare.

Thousands of Kentuckians recently found out the hard way that the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as ObamaCare, is making their health insurance considerably less affordable. Their insurance company, Humana, notified them that because of the healthcare law’s numerous mandates, their premiums would be increasing significantly — in at least one case, by nearly 200 percent.

“When I saw the letter when I came home from work, (it said) ‘your action required, benefit changes, act now,’” Louisville resident Andy Mangione told Fox News, referring to mail he received from Humana. “Of course I opened it immediately.”

Mangione undoubtedly expected a significant rate hike for 2014. He is, after all, vice president of government relations at the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), a seniors’ organization that opposes ObamaCare. But even he was not prepared for the sticker shock that awaited him inside that envelope: The premium that he currently pays for insurance for his family of four is set to almost triple, going from $333 a month to $965 a month.

“This is a high deductible plan where I’m assuming a lot of risk for my health insurance for my family,” Mangione told Fox News. “And nothing has changed; our boys are healthy — they’re young; my wife is healthy. I’m healthy; nothing in our medical history has changed to warrant a tripling of our premiums.”

So what did warrant the enormous rate hike?

“Increases aren’t based on your individual claims or changes in health status,” the Humana letter explained, noting that rate hikes are expected across the insurance industry. “Many other factors go into your premium including: ACA compliance, including the addition of new essential health benefits.”

In other words, simply by virtue of living in the United States as ObamaCare takes effect, people buying insurance in the individual market will be paying much higher premiums than they were before.

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