ObamaCare Website Plagued by Security Problems

By:  Alex Newman
ObamaCare Website Plagued by Security Problems

The ObamaCare exchange at Healthcare.gov is so insecure that multiple cyber-security experts and lawmakers are calling for it to be shut down.

In addition, professionals are warning potential users to beware of the gaping security flaws, which could expose to hackers and criminals the most private and intimate data of Americans trying to buy health insurance through the federal government’s so-called “marketplace.” In other words, the personal and medical information of anyone deciding to use the website — millions of Americans have already lost their insurance policies owing to ObamaCare, Obama’s known lies about “you can keep it” notwithstanding — may end up in the hands of whoever wants it. Identity thieves are among the primary concerns.

Even the federal government’s own agencies have admitted many of the major problems and the potential disasters they could cause if left unaddressed. The vast majority of the public is suspicious as well. Now, some lawmakers and experts, concerned about the possible bonanza for hackers and identity thieves, want to shut down the whole website until proper security measures can be implemented. That, however, is expected to take months to address, at least — possibly more than a year. At that point, the whole ObamaCare scheme would have to be significantly delayed to avoid penalizing people who were not able to purchase ObamaCare-approved insurance before the deadline.

Multiple “state exchanges” for ObamaCare are also vulnerable, according to experts. Even those touted as among the best by administration officials and pro-ObamaCare zealots have been widely lambasted. An investigation by Computer Forensic Services, commissioned by a local ABC affiliate in Minnesota, for example, tested 12 state government-run ObamaCare exchanges. Of those, most were found to have a vulnerability that could reveal users’ account information to hackers. Among those that passed that particular test, there have been also multiple, separate security concerns expressed by experts.

At the federal site, the issues are even more severe. Indeed, security for the controversial site is so poor that top analysts in the field say it appears to have been built without considering user privacy at all. “When you develop a website, you develop it with security in mind. And it doesn't appear to have happened this time,” explained expert David Kennedy, who recently testified in Congress about the major security problems with the ObamaCare site. Kennedy, who leads the firm TrustedSec and helps test online security by hacking into websites, also explained that the flaws are unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.

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